Off prompt, 2019 

Photographs taken in the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection, as part of the Sainsbury Centre Artist's programme, 2019

Drawing, Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing prize, 2018

A pace, a foot, an elbow, a finger, Artists' Tour, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, 2018

Head over heels, December Mostra, British School at Rome, 2017

With an eye to, 2016

Images above: James Epps gaffer tape piece, Lookers, other works Simon Newby, 2015 

Here on in, exterior wall painting on Eyre Lane, Bloc Projects, 2015

Just like that, OUTPOST, 2014

 Sculpture, 2014

Collage, 2013

Installation view, 2012

Paintings, 2011

 Installation view, 2011

Hazard Warning, 2010

Wall Sculpture, 2010 

 Hazard Warning, 2010